DIY Magical Mermaid and Fairy Lantern Tutorial!

It is a joy to become a fairy. Recently we found a little poem with suggestions on how, exactly, to do just that- How To Be A Fairy! Thanks, pinterest and whomever wrote this sweet poem!! With this poem (writer unknown) in mind we set out to leave a little magic as a token of… Continue reading DIY Magical Mermaid and Fairy Lantern Tutorial!

Get Creative With Dried Rose Petal Art!

This past week was a big one in our house- I started working, more to come on that in a future post, and Daphne got a “helper award” at school! Yay Daphers!  A helper award, if you don’t know, is given as recognition of being helpful without being asked to be helpful. I’m so proud… Continue reading Get Creative With Dried Rose Petal Art!

The Face In The Tree On A Path Through The Woods

A meditative meander in the late summer woods A ways from home The path littered with natural distractions- berries, pine cones, mushrooms and flowers… I love to look around as I wander, as I wonder Who is observing me? What, or who is aware of my energy? As I move through the space, gently bending… Continue reading The Face In The Tree On A Path Through The Woods

Pulling Thistle, A Life Lesson

Sometimes in the lush, late summer lawn of life, you find yourself with a huge swath of thistles. Maybe it’s because your neighbor has let his thistle plants go to seed and the wind carries the seeds right through the chain link and onto your lawn. Or maybe the thistle has been there all along,… Continue reading Pulling Thistle, A Life Lesson

Eclipsed Leaf Shadows

I had no idea that this could even happen… but looking up (with lots of protective eye gear) wasn’t the only amazing sight experienced during today’s eclipse. I think we only experienced 87% eclipse here in southern Colorado-  but we stood out by the garage and observed. While waiting my turn to use the goggles,… Continue reading Eclipsed Leaf Shadows

Fairy and Hero Names! What’s yours?

My name us Hope, but I just learned that My Fairy name is Tansy Berry of Thorn- how do I know? Pinterest. Ha! While pinning around I came across some really fun name generators- two “fairy” name generators and one “hero” name generator. Find them here and here and here, or check out the pics below!  I had been looking for a… Continue reading Fairy and Hero Names! What’s yours?

DIY Postcards Using Kid Art!

I was checking out ArtyMommy‘s blog the other day and she did this GREAT project using kid’s art to make coasters! I want to give it a try sometime but didn’t have supplies on hand… so, I thought for a minute- how do I use kid’s art? I know- postcards! In fact it’s time to mail… Continue reading DIY Postcards Using Kid Art!