My Fancy Elephant Life

Here we go.

The quick and dirty rundown is as follows: My name is Hope and I am embarking on the great adventure known as being a stay-at-home mom, a housewife, a home-maker. I never took home economics, but I’m a dedicated student, and if I know me (and I do) I am certain to go head first into each lesson, project and home-cooked meal (slipping, spilling and laughing all the way.)

My family and I live in a tiny mountain town in Colorado, and since the addition of our second baby daughter in March 2016, I have found myself without a paying job for the first time since I was 14. I am 30-something now so needless to say, there’s a learning curve happening.

After floundering for a couple of months (or 5) and living in pajama pants (the leopard print kind), I purchased a day planner, started penciling in play dates for my kids, doctor’s appointments, preschool schedules, meal plans AND assignments for myself. I decided to get something going that was just for me, like a blog (ta-da!) and record my experiences as I set forth to conquer this new phase of life.

I invite you now to join me in my very own corner of the universe and peer into my life, The Fancy Elephant Life.


One thought on “My Fancy Elephant Life

  1. I like this first entry. Writing a blog is a wonderful way to share creativity. It can also be hugely fulfilling when reward in life ebbs and flows. Thank you for following natural adventures. Scooj

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