Gold In Colorado

Autumn is here in the mountains of Colorado! Snow has fallen on the high peaks and golden aspen illuminate the surrounding hillsides and valleys. Time to go on an adventure!

Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

My family and I took to the country roads and followed them into what I can only describe as a living breathing Bob Ross painting- all the happy little trees.

Happy trees!

We wandered about collecting photos and leaves. We shared snacks, laughs and hugs. It was a beautiful family day, the kind that makes me full of gratitude for the life, love and adventures that fill my days.

Marn enjoying the peace.


Micah and Daphne snuggle and watch the water tumble down through this magical land.
Daphne and I found pink leaves!
Looks like a lava flow to me.

May you find the change of season full of splendor and magic in your own corner of this incredible planet.

PS- Doesn’t this house look like it’s on fire?!




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