Hearts on Rocks

The first time I painted rocks (as an adult) was in preparation for my daughter Daphne’s 3rd birthday party. I painted hearts on rocks and put them in a bowl for decoration, but also so everyone could take a painted rock for a party favor. It went over well and I have often thought that these would work beautifully as wedding centerpieces or favors too.

Anyway, I purchased some “river stones” from the dollar store (mostly because I was hugely pregnant at the time and did not have it in me to hunt for rocks the old fashioned way- on the ground) and broke out my acrylic paints, paintbrushes and some Mod Podge. I knew I would have fun because I pretty much just like making stuff… what I didn’t know is that I would be discovering an incredibly relaxing, meditative activity for myself. I really enjoy painting rocks, and more often than not I find myself painting hearts as I work.

Obviously hearts are not the only thing that can be painted, in fact anything can be painted onto these beautiful, diverse little canvases!

Here’s how to make a painted rock that would be pretty enough to give as a gift, a party favor or even a display in your home.


You will need:

A rock (or many if you are so inspired.)

Acrylic paint (any colors you wish.)

Paint brushes (I like having various sizes available so I can follow my fancy.)

Mod Podge (I love this stuff!)

*Optional but encouraged- Music! I personally love to listen to my “spa” station a on Pandora. My house regularly sounds like someone should be getting a massage, as a matter of fact, I’m listening to it now. I find it quite calming, but do what suits you and allows your peaceful creative energy to flow.

Now, paint your rock with the acrylic paints! Be sure to allow your paint to dry between coats so your colors aren’t muddied (or if you’re going for that- go ahead and muddy the colors!) I am a true believer in allowing your creative process to guide your project. Who cares if it looks a certain way?


Once you have completed your painting and your work has dried, cover the whole image (plus a little around the edges) with Mod Podge and let it dry! This creates a lovely top coat that ties the whole project together. It may feel very “summer camp” to paint rocks at first, but I encourage you to give it a try, you just might find yourself with a lighter heart and a bowl full of painted rocks before too long.


Let me know if you give this fun craft a try! What did you paint?


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