15 Minute Fleece Hat (Yes, Really)

I took the extra fleece from Gloria’s blanket (learn to make it in my post Blankie Bliss) and made an easy peasy pom pom hat for her, and then a matching one for Daphne- because, why not?

Materials needed for this project:



Sewing Machine (threaded)

Soft measuring tape

You can make this too, in a blink- makes for a wonderful gift or just a nice way to keep you and your little lovies in super warm, soft, pretty hats all winter.


First, I measured around the head of the hat wearers and then added an inch (Gloria-at 7 months old measured at 17” so I knew her hat should be 18” long, Daphne- at 3 1/2 years old measured 19 ½ “ so her hat needed to be 20 ½” long.)

Then to give the hat width enough to make a hem and pom poms, I cut Gloria’s to 9 inches wide (Making a rectangle of 18” by 9”) and Daphne’s to 12 inches wide (making a rectangle of 20 ½” by 12”.)

*Important–  make sure the long edge of the fleece is utilizing the weft grain of the fabric (this is the stretchier side- can’t tell? Tug on your fabric! When you pull the fabric and it stretches, that’s the weft and you want that to go around the head so it’s got some give!)


Next I cut two inch strips into the top of the hat the entire length of the top! Then I fold rectangle in half lining up the shorter sides of the rectangle. Right sides together (sometimes it’s hard to tell on fleece but do what you can,) sew a seam from the bottom of the fringes all the way down. As always do a back stitch when you begin and end your stitch!016

Next fold the base of the hem up (your hat will still be inside out, and you want the bottom of the hat to be folded under, so the raw edge of the seam is not exposed.) Sew around the whole hat using a zigzag stitch- this helps with the stretch!

Now, flip your hat right side out and gather the hat at the base of the fringe. I cut a stip of the left over fleece, but if you don’t have enough, you can use yarn or string to tie the fringe together like so. Give it a good double or triple knot the trim the ends to blend in with the rest of the fringe- and there you have it- a top pom pom on a sweet little hat.



Writing this tutorial honestly took longer than making these hats- These are snap to make. Let me know if you give it a shot!


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