Handsome is as Handsome Does or Lessons in Attractiveness Through Poldark Season 2

I love a good British period drama, or comedy if it is available, and I am forever a fan of masterpiece theater  (thank you PBS, your programming is a treasure!)

If you love Downton Abbey (who doesn’t?) and you haven’t already committed yourself to Poldark, you are missing out. If you are watching it then pull up a seat, I had a revelation after Sunday night’s installment.

Spoiler Alert- open discussion about to happen covering up through season 2 episode 6

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Let me begin by admitting a true crush on Ross Poldark and the adorable actor, Aiden Turner, who plays him. Enchanting. Beyond the obvious winning smile, his attractiveness is rooted in his care for others and his willingness to stand up for what’s right. He’s not really funny, but you know… he can’t be EVERYTHING, right?

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Now his cousin Francis (pronounced Frahhhncis) basically bugs the crap out of me (historically speaking.) I distinctly recall expressing my dislike to all who would listen  (namely my mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-law, all avid masterpiece theater watchers and all around lovely women.)

“There’s just something about his face.” I would say “Uhhhhhggggggg- I want to flick him right in the nose and tell him to stop being an ass! He’s not even cute, why would Elizabeth marry him?”

Well the tides have turned- quite so. Francis, after trying and failing to take his own life, became fun loving, engaged with his child, and kind to everyone in his Family including Ross, who he’d been jealous of and threatened by, and Verity, who he’d condemned and all but banished because of a marriage he didn’t approve of .

His attitude completely changed and with it, his attractiveness. He was suddenly quite adorable and my commentary on the new Francis went something like this-

Me “So, my disdain for Francis has shifted to intrigue. He’s so happy, playful and cute now!”

Ashley “right?”

Me “hmmmmm handsome IS as handsome does.”

I seriously feel that his jovial, kind, dedicated personality outshined Ross- there, I said it. The whole dreary group was in desperate need of his lightheartedness. Then he drowned in a well “like a dog” as Ross later recounted. Needless to say, I was exceptionally disappointed in Francis’ sudden and tragic death. To watch him earnestly find redemption in the hearts and minds of those he loved was comforting…but not enough. I’m still kinda pissed. Now we’re left with horrible George Warleggan and the rest of the dreary gang (I know, I know, it’s a drama…)

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Dwight and Caroline

All of my hopes are now riding on the budding relationship between Dwight and Caroline- don’t let me down you two!

Finding truth, and being reminded of the old verbiage “handsome is as handsome does” got me thinking. It’s absolutely true. I, for example, find my husband to be exceptionally handsome, and I couldn’t have picked a more deserving man for such a title. He’s fun to hang out with, hard working, funny and not easily irritated or angered- he’s cool. If he were an a-hole, I’d never have wanted him around.

So there it is. To Sum up- kind, happy, and funny people are More attractive. At least that’s how this beholders eye finds beauty.


2 thoughts on “Handsome is as Handsome Does or Lessons in Attractiveness Through Poldark Season 2

  1. Well said! nowyou have two weeks to do a blog update on “This is us!” For any of you who have been sad and missing a piece of your soul since “parenthood” ended, this is your show . Hope… It’s all yours


  2. So true, Hope. I think the show is drearier without Francis. Like you said, ‘Didn’t they know to push water out and help someone breathe?’ A rescue would have been so much more interesting.


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