Thoughts Of Gratitude

Afternoon coffee, after a lunch of thanksgiving leftovers. It is a good time to meditate on my blessings and reflect on gratitude.

My Children – Daphne and Gloria and how they love one another and our family. Today Daphne held out her hand and told me she wanted to give me a piece of her heart and could I give her a piece of mine? My whole heart, Boo-boo.


My Husband – The other night Micah said “I love you.” and I said “Oh yeah? How come?” it’s a game we play. He usually tells me it’s because of dinner and my face, but he surprised me and said “Because you’re my soulmate and I’ve loved you all along.” Ummm, well THAT was super sweet- and, ditto, Sugar.

My Mom– Always there. Always. And she knows pretty much everything. The dog ate uncooked rice, the baby is constipated, I need to bake a pie- all instances (and many more beyond,) remedied by her advice and guidance. Thankful for my mama.

(Pictures from my dad- and he was resistant to a smart phone…)

My Dad– He sends me beautiful pictures of the ocean and the mountains. He’s always working on projects, inventing and philosophizing. Thankful for my Dada.

My Grandparents– That you lived well and passed peacefully.

A2D2 plus P, B & M – Just the sweetest group to share holidays, movie nights, weekly dinners and life conversations with- cheers. Also, I now live near my brother for the first time in 20 years, so gotta be thankful for that.

My Extended Family– A team of superheroes, who love, laugh, and work towards a better life for one another.

My Girlfriends– Old and new…all the wonderful women who have been my friends, my confidants, my wine drinking buddies, my chick flick watching partners… what a lovely companionship to have through this life.

My In-laws – It’s a lucky circumstance to find oneself with such an incredible family to be married into.


My Dogs– A love note to these tender animals could only read, thank you for making our house a home, I don’t even mind your hair… well, that’s not true, but it’s worth the extra vacuuming.

My Home– I love being home, cozy in the living room or sitting at the kitchen table. It is safe, peaceful and full of love- I am forever thankful to have a home.

Hot Water, and the Heater– When the temperature starts to drop outside, I can’t help but feel exceeding fortunate to have heated water at the turn of a knob, and a warmed space at the adjustment of the thermostat on the wall. Magic.

(Probably wouldn’t have made 3 pies if it hadn’t been for modern conveniences)

Dishwasher, Laundry Machines, Lights, Flushing Toilets and Other Modern Conveniences- After teaching history for so many years I try to remember and be grateful for the innovations, inventions, hard work and persistence that humanity has invested in all that helps me run my home and keep my life in order. “It’s dark in here? Flip the switch on the wall.” Again…Magic.

(Pictures shared with me by my mom-)

Modern Medicine and all the Nurses and Doctors Who Know How to Heal the Sick– I am so thankful that my children are healthy. So Thankful. But I also know how delicate our human bodies are and I am extra thankful that when health issues arise, there is understanding, care and medicine there to support our efforts for recovery.

New Socks– Because they are the best.

Comedians– Because we need to laugh.

Clean water– Thankful for clean water.

Good food– So thankful to have good food and to be able to feed my babies what they need.

The Heated Seat in My Car, and My Car in General– That heated seat changed my life. And I have always been a fan of taking drives.

Music– I love music, and I am so thankful that people are moved to express themselves through song and rhythm.

Art Supplies– It’s so fun to create.

Pinterest– I love seeing what people are doing, learning, making and wearing, I just like it. And I am not really into facebook so… pinterest wins.

Planet Earth– What A Beautiful Place! So thankful to experience life in this world.

My Education– I love learning and I have been so lucky to have wonderful teachers in my life.

Having Enough– I am so thankful to have enough of what I need.

Good Shows and Movies– Because it’s fun to watch a show or a movie, and good ones are even better.

Good Books– Yes, please.

Pedicures– Because without them I would have “festival feet.”

Walking in the Natural World– Every Day Necessity.

This list is incomplete, but my time to write has come to an end for the day. In this season of giving, and holding gratitude in our hearts, I walk forward lifted by the joys that surround me each day. I consider how I may strive to support and provide for those who may be in need, not just in this season but everyday. I hope for myself that I can be good and do good in the coming months.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.



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