Poldark Season 2 Finale + Peppermint Drumsticks = My Kinda Night In

I noticed, while cruising the aisles of Safeway a couple weeks ago, that there’s a “limited time only” selection of Peppermint Drumsticks- peppermint and chocolate combined in various ways, one option even includes fudge- you read that right. I didn’t buy said treats right away, but instead mulled over the purchase and waited until post thanksgiving for the clearly “Christmas-y” dessert. I don’t like to mix holidays. The other night I realized that my nightly peppermint tea with milk wasn’t going to cut it- I was going to watch the season 2 finale of Poldark, for heaven sake! It was time for the big guns, so Micah indulged my fancy and went out into the cold Colorado night and brought me home the trappings of Christmas fantasies. It’s alright that it’s not quite Christmas yet – Thanksgiving is behind us, people in town have adorned their homes with lights and decorations, so it’s cool.


With both our baby girls snuggled in their beds, we prepared for the finale- what would happen?!

Spoiler Alert- I’m going to share my thoughts on the Season 2 finale of Poldark AND I am going to talk to characters directly- because I can.

First of all, my take on the whole Ross, Demelza, Elizabeth triangle of adultery is this-


Ross and Elizabeth- fine, you had a true love many years ago, and in many ways you were never allowed to follow through with the story of that love because of war, obligation, society and ultimately because of vows taken with other people… does that give you a pass to have a night to “see what you had always been missing?” I’m not one to judge- but I will say that it didn’t make either of your lives any easier, did it?

Ross, you have been a bit of a mess- still “finding yourself” in many respects- or at the very least processing your life choices rather slowly. You didn’t seem to take the proper time or energy to heal old wounds and make certain of your choice in Demelza- And that is why you made the mistake with Elizabeth… and then took so long to own it. The other decision, to spitefully join the war effort (that’ll show Demelza,) was a ridiculous show of immaturity- thank goodness you came to your senses before signing your name. Had your intentions been pure and had you gotten the support of your family to join your fellow soldiers, I would look much differently on your would-be choice. But it was more of an escape from life, rather than a calling to fight for crown and country… and that, my friend is what I hope you have come to understand about yourself. Based on your actions in the final scenes of the finale, I will give you the benefit of the doubt… but will your new understanding of self and appreciation of your wife last?

Elizabeth, in many ways my heart breaks for you. You had to suffer through the deadly phase of Francis and were only rewarded with a fleeting glimpse of how awesome and adorable he truly could be (see post Handsome is as Handsome Does.)  I do believe that you also had loved Ross and would have, at one time, broken your engagement to Francis had society, and your mother most especially, allowed it. But alas, you, unlike Demelza, are very much a victim of your circumstance. You are so reliant on the men in your life, that you can scarcely breathe- so that in itself offers some pity and understanding in regards to your acts of desperation. But now look at the mess you’ve made- you’ve gone and married George Warleggan, a horrible, smug little man who you are now entirely at the mercy of. I hope for you that your son is not taken from you (stand up for him, woman!) and that the child you carry isn’t the end of the fortune you have finally gotten your hands on… more for the child’s sake than your own.


Demelza, you are a capable, brave, bad-ass, and I wish I had the gumption you possess.Your honesty is impressive and your goodness shines through again and again. I am so glad you have kept loyal to your heart, your friends and your marriage, even if you wanted to teach Ross a lesson, you chose the high road, and I will always respect that. I also admire your bravery- I would not have been brave enough to go to Trenwith alone, at night after having been shot (SHOT?!) there- You’re awesome, and Ross, as well as Elizabeth owe you a great debt, for you are the heroine.


George Warleggan, you sir, are a Bastard- with a capital B. Shame on your arrogance, and don’t you know how ridiculous you look in high heels while you prance and practice boxing? I think you’ll get what’s coming to you, and unfortunately, it will hurt me to watch it, mostly because I have been hoping for you to get your stuff in a pile and start acting with kindness and honor- but that’s the teacher in me talking. You’ve had your chance, and your destiny is entirely your own doing. I am still horrified by your choice to fence the commonly used path through Trenwith, then shoot at people who trespass. What a terrible thing to do, no wonder the angry mob wanted to sick you with pitchforks!


Verity, I couldn’t be happier for your joyous life. I know it’s not perfect, but I hope that before long it will be perfect- I want you to take full possession of Trenwith- you deserve that home. You are everyone’s rock. You are cherished and adored by all that know you, and it’s because you have a good head on your shoulders and a good heart that you are guided by.  Your name says it all, and I wish we could hang out in real life.


Dwight and Caroline, I knew you two kids would figure it out! Way to go true love! Of course I am a little saddened by your departure to war, Dwight, but I have faith you will return. Dwight, I must also tell you how impressed I am by your commitment to your practice- it’s pretty awesome that you are even willing to dissect cadavers to learn how to better serve your patients. And Caroline, I am pleased for you, he’s a catch and you seem to balance each other out quite well.


Jud and Prudie- You have had your moments. You both know they haven’t always been good moments, but I trust that your intentions are good. Remember though, what the path to Hell is paved with, and walk forward with caution.

episode 1

Lastly I will say to you Aunt Agatha- I dig your style. You always know what’s up and you have that bit of magic sense as well. I enjoy your presence immensely.

Poldark Season 2- it’s been a good ride. I am invested (clearly, or I wouldn’t have taken the liberty to address characters directly,) and I am looking forward to the coming of season 3. I must admit that I am slightly miffed that here in the USA we’re always behind a season- what’s that about, England? Can we get on the same page here? I’m ready to see what happens now-

Until the next installment of Poldark, I shall busy myself with The Bachelor, Fixer Upper, This Is Us, and perhaps a new Masterpiece Theater offering- I also here that I should check out Gilmore Girls…so stay tuned for that commentary.

PS- If you like peppermint and chocolate, do not let the special addition drumsticks escape you this winter.


2 thoughts on “Poldark Season 2 Finale + Peppermint Drumsticks = My Kinda Night In

  1. Oh my goodness, I’ve met a “kindred spirit! Peppermint drumsticks and POLDARK! Oh my! I LOVE them both! I agree with everything you said about the season finale of Poldark! I have talked to my TV and those characters until my husband has threatened to have my committed somewhere! I have ordered the first seven Kindle books from Amazon and will have to save a little bit to get the other five. LOL


    1. Ha! Hello Kindred 🙂 I just read your comment to my husband and he said that he and your husband should hang out. LOL.
      I haven’t read the books- but I’m about to start Anne Of Green Gables to satisfy my need for historical drama.
      So glad to have found another Poldarker!


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