DIY Fleece Rock Star Mittens (Fingerless Gloves)

There’s something about fingerless gloves (or in this case mittens) isn’t there? I just recently decided that I am going to start calling them rock star mittens (can I trademark that name?)- because I feel a little like a rock star while wearing them, and who doesn’t like to feel a little bad-ass every now and then? Plus, I don’t really think these are technically “gloves” because there isn’t anything separating each finger- so rock star mittens it is.

They are my preferred cold weather wrist/hand accessory. I like them because I can use my fingers and still have cozy hands while doing most activities and I kinda like the “hardcore look”- This morning I was especially grateful for my rock star mittens while driving, because it was a frigid (FRIGID- 18 degrees (F) and windy) morning and the steering wheel was horribly cold- but my hands were protected from the ice wheel while driving Daphne to school.

These are fun to make, and really pretty darn easy- plus you can make adjustments to your rock star mittens to suit your style and needs.

Supplies needed

Sewing machine

Fleece (1/4 yard would be more than enough…)



Buttons (If you want them.)

Fabric Scissors

Paper, pencil, paper scissors and chalk

How To Make Your Own

I made a pair for Daphne the other day and did a new pair for myself as well. I used the same technique for both except that I made mine longer over my fingers so that I could fold and hem them.


The first thing to do is trace your hand, wrist and arm on a piece of paper.  Then draw the shape of the rock star mitten over the outline deciding how far up your arm you want them to go and how far over the fingers you want them as well- be sure to make your mitten go along the shape of the hand/ arm but give it a good ½ inch on either side (this is for sewing seem purposes, as well as for your actual body to fit in the rock star mitten, and not just a flat piece of paper.) Then cut out your drawing of the fingerless mitten and there you have your pattern!

Next you want to cut our your fleece- the important thing here (just like in the hat tutorial,) is that you want the weft (the stretchy grain of the fleece) to be along the width of your pattern so that the final product can more easily form itself to the shape of you. You will end up needing 4 pieces of your pattern- I find it easiest to cut two pieces at a time, so I just stack the fabric right sides together,trace with chalk around your pattern, then cut!

Now you want to sew your pieces together (right sides together, and since fleece doesn’t fray, you don’t need to worry about your edges.) sew the length of the sides, and that little V between the thumb and the rest of the fingers. Once you have sewn that, trim your seams so you don’t have bulk on the inside of your mittens.

Try them on to make sure they fit, and if they do, you can either leave them as is- or make some modifications. I added buttons to Daphne’s pink rock star mittens- just for a decorative touch, and I thought about buttons for my gray ones but opted against them in the end. I also made mine extra long over my hands so I could fold and hem them- this was just something I wanted to try- but again, fleece doesn’t fray so it’s not a necessary step. 


The only thing left to do- enjoy your rock star mittens and go about the business of being awesome!


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      1. I got too excited there- I mean, for taking the time to look at my blog and nominate me fir the Blogger Recognition Award 🙂 it made my week!
        I also enjoy your blog and always look forward to a new post. Have a beautiful day!


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