Christmas Tree Cutting- Photo Journey


Imagine, if you will, the crisp December air of the mountains of southern Colorado. We were climbing through the National Forest land, tree cutting permit, hats, coats, snacks and darling daughters in tow. James Taylor Pandora filled our ears, and I (of course) sang along to every song. We were on our way to find our Christmas tree.


Looking for THE tree, and wondering though the sometimes frozen world, we certainly felt the magic of the forest.

We all took a moment to express gratitude for the life of the tree, because each life has value and we are appreciative of that.

Micah cut it down with an ax and we loaded it up in the Cruiser.

Heading home we enjoyed the scent of the tree, the views around us and some Rockabye Sweet Baby James.

Micah and Daphne set up the tree and put the lights on while I helped Gloria to nap. Then we decorated the tree with ornaments new and old.



We sat in the light of this beautiful Christmas tree and recounted how fun the day had been and how special it is to prepare for the holiday together.

After the girls went to bed, I snuggled in for some classic Made For TV movie gold, and watched 12 Dates Of Christmas- Thank you Netflix (and thanks Micah for not complaining too loudly.) May your holiday preparations bring you the warm fuzzies, and some sweet memories as well.




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