DIY Eclectic Jewelry Organizer

I love the feel of eclectic artsy style- it’s in my bones. I am an earring wearer and I am especially into longer and bigger(ish) earrings. Several years back I made an earring display/organizer that I adore and still get use out of- so I decided to do a fresh, new, smaller version to keep a few of my favorite pieces in my little tiny bathroom.

Here’s how I brought natural wood together with a crochet square and metal to make this pretty little jewelry display. I think it has sass and that makes me happy.


Materials Used

A Stick- I love collecting interesting sticks while I am out walking.

A Sanding Block- I picked mine up at Walmart.

Glossy Mod Podge- I use this water based sealer in countless projects.

A Square of Crochet (with a lacy vibe)- I got several of these squares at a flea market over the summer. I imagine that it was hand made and carries with it some terribly romantic love story… but who knows?

Blue Plated Wire- Got this from the jewelry section of my local Walmart- it’s very easy to bend using just my fingers. This will be used to make the hanger for the organizer- I have used other material for this part before- a pretty beaded yarn perhaps? A ribbon? As always, follow your fancy!

Monofilament Illusion Cord (aka fishing line)- Again, it was picked up in the jewelry section at Walmart.

Needle- From my sewing kit.

A Paintbrush- For the Mod Podge.

The first thing I did was to sand down the ends of my stick, but I wanted to leave the bark on it because I like the look.

Next I gave the stick a good coating of Mod Podge and let it dry.

I then positioned my crochet square in the middle of the stick and secured it to the stick with the Illusion Cord.


Once that was how I wanted it, I twisted the Blue Wire onto the stick on either side of the crochet square. Finally I fashioned a little loop at the top to hang it by.


This is small, the stick is only 9 inches long, and the crochet square is about 6×6 inches. It’s perfect for displaying a select collection and I love how it turned out! I put it on the wall next to my bathroom mirror and promptly adorned it with a few of my favorite earrings, a little brooch and of course a necklace that was given to me by a dear friend.


If you give it a try, for yourself, or if you make it as a gift for someone, let me know!


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