Today Was A Snow Day

Condensation from the humidifier dripped down the window.

Snow fell through the night and piled beautifully, effortlessly, over everything.

Micah took the girls, without being asked, gave them breakfast and caught up on the dishes.

I slept an extra hour, unaware of the activity in the house, or the work of mother nature.

When I awoke I had just enough coffee to brew one pot- perfect.


I gazed out over the valley and admired the look of it.

A wet snow was falling- tiny snowflakes.

When I stood, in my snow boots and robe in the driveway, digging out the morning’s paper, it felt like a cool mist on my face.

Today was a snow day.

The sun never even appeared.

The dogs refused to be outside for long, so they got their meals in the kitchen today. They also got their bedding washed- still warm-from-the-dryer blankets are what they’re snuggled in now.

I mopped the kitchen and the bathroom.

I chatted with Susi, and with Megan. My mom called from Mexico- to say hello, and that it’s cooler there than she expected.

I felt grateful for phones- I could hear the voices of those I hold dear, even though they’re hours, or days, of travel away from me now.

For the first time in quite a while, I wanted to bake- chocolate chip- recipe from the back of the Toll House bag.


The kitchen warmed by the oven- the house filled with the smell. Fresh. Baked. Cookies.

Play-date for Daphne- princess and prince superheros ran through the hall and bounced on our couch. Glow-in-the-dark stickers in the bathroom- light off- squeals of delight and children’s laughter.

The girls and I drove, in the late afternoon, to deliver cookies to Micah and his buddies at work- a treat for the final hour of the day.

I took the long way home and slowed to take pictures out of the car window with the camera on my phone.


The farmland.

The longhorn cattle.


The ice fisherman and his dogs- makes me want to watch Grumpy Old Men.

It snowed all day.

I snuggled Gloria in her crib and waited until she was dreaming before I left the room.

Then, sitting on the couch with Daphne- I wrote.

Today was a snow day.


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