Knit Yarn Bunnies (DIY)

I originally found this idea on Pinterest, where I immediately pinned it to my craft board and proceeded to give it a shot. It’s easy and fun, plus you can make variations to give your little bunnies individual personalities!

Here’s how you get this sweet little project together for Easter baskets or the bunny fanatics in your life.

I enjoy knitting while I’m watching TV, it gets some of my nervous energy out, and this is an easy project that doesn’t require a huge amount of attention to knitting patterns. You just knit row after row- plus you can eyeball the whole thing, or at least, that’s what I do.

First- pick any color of yarn you like and knit a square (or rectangle.) I started out with the plan of making this a square, but accidentally made a rectangle and it still turned out super cute so, do what you do. I think I was using size 8 needles here and just some cotton/acrylic yarn… nothin’ fancy schmancy- just what I had on hand.

I used chalk to draw a triangle on the knit rectangle like so. Then, following the chalk lines, and using a yarn needle and matching yarn, I sewed, then pulled the yarn snug to create the head and ears.

I stuffed the head with stuffing and sewed the opening at the back of the head closed.

Next I sewed the seam of the body and stuffed that as well. After the body was filled, sewn closed, and secure, it was time to make a fluffy tale!

*To make a pom-pom simply wrap the yarn around a couple of your fingers several times, tie a nice tight knot around the middle of the yarn wrap, then cut the loops. Pom-Pom!

I sewed the tail in place, then with this bunny (who ended up with a sorta long body,) I pinched then sewed the pinch tightly in four places and gave the little guy feet! 🙂

Finally, I gave him button eyes and a pink nose fashioned from thread. Daphne decided he absolutely needed a white yarn bow around his neck- I agreed.


The purple and green/blue bunnies were made using the same basic idea, but they were from an actual square, so their bodies were shorter, and became round so I positioned their tails differently and didn’t give them feet.


Now these bunny friends are ready to play with or simply admire or snuggle.

Give these a try and let me know what variations you come up with!


One thought on “Knit Yarn Bunnies (DIY)

  1. Ok, one of these days, I’ll put on my big girl pants and try a sewing tutorial! Since this doesn’t call for a machine, I just may be able to tackle it. And I did know how to knit once upon a time… Bottom line — cute!!

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