Paper Plate Aquarium – Kid’s Art Project

Today I wish… oh how I wish, I were at the beach. Maybe it’s the new Honest mermaid diapers Gloria’s sporting (the new prints are adorable by the way, kudos Honest diaper designers), or the Jack Johnson Pandora station streaming, or the mid-February leafless world outside… or even Daphne’s obsession with Octonauts- maybe it’s all of those combined, but I want to be in a tropical ocean wonderland. Who’s with me?

Daph and I came across some totally sweet ocean-themed stickers from my collection of art “stuff” (mostly picked up at garage sales- there are a lot of unopened craft supplies out there!)


Of course Daphne was just chomping at the bit to peel and stick those things on any surface accessible, so I needed to give those stickers purpose- and fast! Enter the perfect inspiration, Arty Mommy’s  Come Swim Under The Sea With Me project. We didn’t have everything she did, so we made our own version.  I quickly assembled some supplies- paper plates, crayons, scissors, stickers and glue, and let that 4 year old run with it!

While she colored and carefully placed stickers in the inner plate, I cut out the outer plate and got it ready for her to decorate.


Once everything was “just so,” we glued the plates together, wrote her name on the back and attached a pretty ribbon to hang it from. It now has a place of honor in her room- so cute.


Daphne loved doing this project!  I have a feeling we’ll be revisiting it again soon- maybe our next paper plate framed scene will peer into outer space! Or into a fairy wonderland?!



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