Fancy Elephant Shoppe – The Soft Opening

I woke up this morning KNOWING that today, March 1st, was my goal date to open my etsy shop- Fancy Elephant Shoppe. My energy this morning is excited and nervous. I don’t have everything done that I wanted to have done, but I am going to open my shop with what I do have and will just add to it from there.

This is a calming picture I took last summer and it makes me happy.

Here’s my goal for today (before midnight- as if I ever stay up that late… ok- lets say before 9 tonight.)

Take some final pictures of the work I have done and post it up! Open the shop and see what happens next!

I am still working towards facebook, and my second goal is to share, both my blog and the shop within a month of today (who knows, maybe my spunk will take over and I’ll share it tomorrow?)… and then, again, I will see what happens.
Have a beautiful day, and I will post soon- probably tomorrow- with an update on the process, products and pictures for Fancy Elephant Shoppe!

Another calming picture I took… ahhhhhhh

3 thoughts on “Fancy Elephant Shoppe – The Soft Opening

  1. Good Luck on Etsy Hope! You are really doing some fun things that your girls will remember always, It looks like you are living in a beautiful place…good for creative thriving.


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