An Evening Drive in Early Spring

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been inside the house for days on end caring for sick and/or injured people!

My hand is up.

It can get kinda…depressing.

I needed desperately to get out and see what I could see, so evening before last Micah, the girls and I loaded up into the car and took a drive.

I snapped some pictures.

Even in the gray dusk light- which seemed to mirror my mood at the start of the drive, by the way- in the earliest days of spring, before the trees have begun to leaf out and much of the world still holds the visual reminder of winter… I glimpsed the coming of the new season!

A group of deer in a field below.


Mother nature is working, see the bits of new green grass in the tufts of yellow? It’s hard to see… but, it’s there.

My spirits were lifted by the water through the fields and the baby cows especially!

I felt better and better with each new sight… sometimes, I’ve just gotta get out of the house! It shifts my perspective and gives me more to look at (and think about) than the laundry and the dishes.


Before long the earth will be spilling over with growth and the grasses will be lush and tall. Until then, I’ll be looking up and looking close for signs of hope and the promise of spring.



Have a beautiful day, and as always I wish you health and happiness!


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