Shidoni – An Inspiring Experience!

Between my home in Colorado and my mom’s home in New Mexico there is roughly 5 hours of driving, eating, radio listening, audio book listening and sight seeing. I enjoy the drive, it’s pretty (like, mesmerizingly beautiful and full of history) and relatively easy! Traveling with two small children however, requires quite a bit of stopping for potty breaks, snacks and stretching legs. We have a few regular stops, but my favorite is Shidoni.

Shidoni is in the town of Tesuque, New Mexico, just North of Santa Fe. It is a foundry, sculpture garden and gallery. It is also neighbors with both Tesuque Glass Works– which in and of itself is a stop worth making- and with Glenn Green Galleries and Sculpture Gardens. Why I love this stop: the art for one, and the inviting way they have it set up! There are picnic benches to sit and eat a snack and ample room to run around and explore the grounds.

I took the girls there yesterday on our way back to Colorado, and I snapped some pictures so I could share them with you! Hover over the pictures to see artist’s name.

Artist- John Simms

Take a walk with me around this beautiful lawn and if you find yourself in the area of Santa Fe, definitely take some time to visit Tesuque and let your spirit be inspired!



Artist- Jeffery Johnson
Artist- Tom Ware
Artist- Jan Moore

I hope you enjoyed this virtual, meditative, early springtime meander through the garden with me. I didn’t capture it all… how could I have? Even on a cool, gray, blustery day, this place calls, welcomes and makes me want to transform my own lawn into such a masterpiece. Aren’t these artists amazing?

I can’t wait for our next visit.

As always, have a beautiful day and thank you for spending part of it here with me!

Artist- Nicholas Herrera

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