Wax Paper Crayon “Stained Glass”

Have you ever ironed crayons between 2 pieces of wax paper to make a stained glass looking art project? I remember doing this with my mom when I was a kid and I absolutely loved it. I saw a box of crayons for $0.44 the other day and picked them up with the intention of finally putting the wax paper in my pantry to use and showing Daphne a new crayon trick.


What you need-

Wax paper

Crayons (crushed- I used a hammer)

An iron and an ironing board

Poster paper to help protect your iron and ironing board.

Here’s what to do-

Crush up crayons. Because I used new crayons that I purchased on the cheap, I had to peel the paper off of them and smash them up with a hammer. You can totally use old crayon bits, I just didn’t.

Next, fold a poster board in half. I got mine for a few cents at the dollar store so it could be used in this way without regret.

Take a couple of sheets of wax paper, put them in your folded poster and arrange your crayon bits between them. You’ll essentially have a big crayon, wax paper, poster board taco.

Now, with a hot iron go over and over the top of the poster board.

*Important- you need to be aware of what you are doing here- don’t catch anything on fire!! I didn’t let Daphne near the hot iron, this was considered a “mama job.”

Check on the melting progress and once the crayon bits have melted…


you’ll see they have fused the wax paper together and you’ll be left with something like this!


Daphne and I decided to cut our big sheet up into different shapes. After you cut a shape out you will want to run the iron over it one more time to fuse the edges again.

We also experimented with cutting shapes out of the wax paper before melting wax between them. This worked well but was messier, I think… it’s hard to say, honestly, it’s all pretty messy.


Messy, but fun and you end up with some cool looking window art. I love how the sun shines through the wax paper crayon art and illuminates the different colors. 


When I am looking at that, I’m not even that bothered by the hard water stains left on the outside of the window by the sprinklers! It’s the little things… isn’t it?

Have a beautiful day!


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