A Space Of Her Own

There are many lessons I wish to teach my daughters. Of course they will live their lives, and the their own lessons will challenge and change them in ways that I can not fathom… so while they are small I will do my best to show them some of the things I have learned and the ways I have learned to cope with some of those life challenges.

One thing about myself- read any of my entries and it will become obvious- is my desire to create. There is a spiritual, meditative nature of crafting and artwork for me and though I don’t always give it the focus it deserves, it has always served me well. I have a place to create, a spot that is underused and over cluttered, but it is there for the times I am able to access it… and for this space, I am thankful.

When we moved to this house a little over a year ago I felt determined to provide a space for Daphne (and later Gloria) to paint, cut, write, play and create. Why? Because I want my children to know that creativity is welcomed and encouraged.

So, I set a place up in the kitchen so all that creating and play could happen while I was there, making dinner or dealing with the laundry or whatever else- plus it’s one of the few rooms that’s not carpeted and that means I am less of a control freak about spills and messes.

I love watching the girls as they bop around their little creative space. Daphne is free to follow her fancy- paint, write, color, cut… whatever she wants to practice! I have high hopes that she, and Gloria too, will provide themselves with the room, the space, and the grace to create art, reflect upon their inspirations and enjoy the many gifts that come with self expression throughout their lives.

This is one of the small seeds I am planting, in one small space in our home.


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