DIY Emeraldalicios Wand (children’s books, fun and summer play!)

Victoria Kann is the New York Times best selling author- artist of the children’s book series centered around Pinkalicious, a fun loving little girl who adores pink and is always hanging out with her brother, Peter. It’s pretty fun to say, isn’t it? Pinkalicious… Anyway, we have a well loved collection of her books including Pinkalicious, Silverlicious, Goldilicious and Emeraldalicious. Though Daphne enjoys them all, she has been especially captivated by the fantastic wand used to conjure environment saving rhymes  in Emeraldalicious, so we decided to make one for her to play with and practice her sweet wordsmith skills.


What we used

A Stick (procured on a walk)

Felt- green and pink and a bit of brown

Glitter- green


Hot glue gun and glue

Modge Podge (Fabric Stiffy)

Crafter’s Choice Stuffing

Fake Vine (this was left over from decorations used at my wedding- glad I held onto it for this long- or mostly just glad I finally found a way to use it!)

I cut the green felt into two matching hearts.

Then I cut strips of the pink felt so they would have a scalloped side.

I glued the pink around the edge of the heart.

The I positioned the stick on the heart and glued it in place. Next I glued the top heart down, first to the stick, then around the edges. I left a small part of the edge open and lightly stuffed each half of the heart. I sealed the heart closed so the stuffing was secured and the pink scalloped edges were just right.

Next, Daphne and I painted the fabric modge podge all over the green heart (both sides) and liberally sprinkled green glitter over it.

After the Modge Podge/ glitter dried we glued the vine in place and added a little bit of brown felt to provide a little more support for the vine.


Ta-Da! She was dancing through the yard and the house all day singing to the wand and casting garden growing spells. This was a wonderful way to spend a summer day, and I especially like when we can incorporate literature into our play!


Let me know if you give this crafty project a try!


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