Beauty And The Beast Inspired Enchanted Play Shoes!

My sweet niece just had her 7th birthday, and her party was Beauty and the Beast themed. We’re talking strawberries cut into the shape of roses, “Chip” mug painting, little girls in princess dresses and a screening of the new live action Beauty and the Beast. Little girls and princesses- tale as old as time, am I right?

Anyway, I wanted to make her something that would support the whole vibe of her party, and thought that play shoes inspired by the enchanted rose would be fun! You know what? It was! I think they turned out super cute, and she loves them- so here’s how I did it.

Supplies needed

White canvas sneakers (I got mine at Walmart, because that’s what’s in my little town)

Bright blue acrylic paint (I had Craft Smart brand on hand)

Red acrylic paint (I had Americana Deco Art brand on hand)

Grass green acrylic paint (I used Craft Smart)

Vivid Violet acrylic paint (Also Americana Deco Art)

Black fabric paint (I had Tulip Slick in my stash)

Yellow  ⅝” ruffle elastic (Dritz brand)

Paint brushes (a few small tipped ones so you can focus on details.)

Water (to water down the paint)

A pencil

Step 1- remove laces and tags from shoes and set aside.

Step 2- practice drawing the enchanted rose on a piece of paper -several times! I tried to do this on my own but then I stumbled across this tutorial on youtube (she gets to the rose at 4 minutes into the video) and I followed this gal’s instructions. She does a great job! Like I said I practiced on paper, then I went step by step along with the video, with pencil, on the toe of each sneaker so that the roses were facing opposite directions.


Step 3- Once the roses were drawn on I used a small paintbrush to go over the pencil lines with the black fabric paint. I let that dry for a while then I started painting the roses red (oooooo, just like Alice in Wonderland!) and the stems green. I dipped the paintbrush in water before I dipped it in the paint so that it was easier to paint with, and I think it actually gives a kinda cool watercolor effect to the paint on the canvas.


Step 4- After the roses were colored in, I used a slightly bigger brush to paint the rest of the shoes with a watered down blue. The water really carried the paint through the canvas, and truthfully it is fun to watch! It gives a somewhat inconsistency to the color too, and I like this, it makes it look a little dreamy- and that’s what enchanted shoes need- dreaminess. Then I let the shoes dry over night.


Step 5- In the morning, I went back over the rose with a little more red because the water blue paint bled into the roses, and I wanted to sharpen the look again. Then I took the smallest tipped brush I had and added little “sparkles” around the rose on the toes of the shoes. For the sparkles I painted an X then a little line between each line of the X, then added several small dots around between the X “bursts.”

Step 6- I folded down the end of the ruffled elastic twice and sewed it in place with yellow thread. Then I laced the shoes and finished the elastic with the same fold and sew technique. I have, in previous shoes, just knotted the laces, but I wanted to try this idea and I think I like it a better- why? It doesn’t leave any chance of having the knotted end cause discomfort because it’s flat, AND I think it actually holds better than the knot. So, I will be using this method again in the future.

20170624_085231-1 (1)

Alright, that’s it. These little babies slipped on that girl’s feet and she looked, well, enchanting in them!


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