DIY 4th of July Fireworks Doornament “Wreath”

We’ve had a lot going on around here. Family visiting, day camps, play dates, community events etc. etc. etc. It’s all great! Truly, it’s a joyous time around here, but for my 4 year old, it can be a little overwhelming.

Yesterday, in the midst of an overwhelmed display of 4 year-oldness, I pulled Daphne outside to have a little mama time, and make something special for the upcoming fireworks viewing party we are hosting tomorrow.


We had not updated our spring wreath, so we decided to make something for the front door- not a wreath, but like a wreath (ish) and we’re calling it a doornament – a door ornament. I grabbed some black cardstock (it had a little rip, but Daph didn’t care so neither did I), our glitter and glue. Note- glitter gets EVERYWHERE, if you didn’t know… so I did this outside!


Daphne decided to have the square paper turned to utilize the diamond shape, because- obviously. Then we got to the business of designing fireworks out of glue and glittering them up!

Tip- design and glitter each firework one at a time. That will help keep the different colors of glitter from “contaminating” the other fireworks.


After the sparkling fireworks were done we punched holes in the side of the diamond and tied a ribbon through the holes. We hung it on the door, cleaned up our crafting supplies and admired our exciting new decoration.

Happy 4th of July to you and yours!


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