Summer Mornings with Toads ~a way of being~ 

Summer mornings in my mother’s garden. The oasis she’s created in her a little corner of New Mexico brings all sorts of life to the cool shade and fresh waters.

I have seen birds, squirrels, lizards,  spiders, bees, mice, hummingbirds, bunnies and toads among other creatures.


We even found evidence of an owl.

This morning I took some pictures of the toads.


I thought about how their lives are essentially a practice in mindfulness and meditation.

Soak it in. Make a bed in the sand. Beat the heat.

Just be. Just be…a toad.



I hope you are finding time to be a toad today.


8 thoughts on “Summer Mornings with Toads ~a way of being~ 

  1. That face though! Love it. Is he (her?) pondering? Is his mind quiet? I feel like Kerm would have loved watching the Toads with you. And he became good at being one!


    1. Hi! I emailed a photo of the bunny (just 1) to you. I hope it went through. I sent it a few times so fingers crossed. Let me know if you got it?


    1. I didn’t see the fly get eaten… but, I DID see this toad eat a stink bug last night. It was disgusting and amazing. They both struggled- the toad to swallow and the stink bug to get away. The toad won and I couldn’t look away :/

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