A Morning Tea Party

Once upon a time there was a sweet young girl named Daphne who, while visiting her grandma Nunna’s house, discovered a treasure. It was an old mismatched tea set, one her mother had used as a child, one that had been hidden away within the walls of the house- in a basket, under a tea towel.


Daphne was overjoyed with her find and immediately asked permission to use the dishes. It was a busy afternoon and the whole tea set needed a good washing so it was decided that the girl, her baby sister, her mama and her Nunna would enjoy a breakfast tea party.

So the next morning, Daphne, her mama and her Nunna prepared the breakfast together while baby Gloria played on the living room rug- and got into the dog water, and spilled her juice and pinched her finger in a book. There were the usual breakfasty things of course, the eggs and bacon, but there were also special things like strawberries and doughnuts!

Daphne picked a pink glass plate for herself, made “strawberry tea” and nibbled on pink glazed doughnut bites. She showed her mama how to sip from a tiny cup and held her pinky out just so.

Very civilized conversations were had about the weather, hummingbirds and toads. Fancy words were used like “lovely”, “delightful” and “scrumptious” and there were lots of giggles and smiles all around the table.

By now the tea set has been cleaned and stored again for next time. Daphne, her mama, Nunna and baby Gloria all have a wonderful memory and a new tradition- this tea party had been years in the making, whether anyone was aware of it or not.


Here’s to the simple things. Thank you for stopping in at The Fancy Elephant Life, have a beautiful day!


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