The Summer Of Fairies (Part Deux)

The summer has been warm, beautiful and full of magic- at least as far as our little yard is concerned.

A special tea set and a note written in fairy language!

We’ve learned that sprinklers and thunderstorms destroy oatmeal box fairy houses (our project from The Summer of Fairies Part 1.) We also discovered that fairies adore notes from children- especially thank you notes when trinkets and treats are left.

I’ve developed a habit of collecting sticks while I’m out walking. I find the best ones in the park and along the river. I enjoy using them in art projects, like the eclectic jewelry display for example.


I had the notion the to make our next round of fairy houses in the style of teepee inspired tents. Yesterday, while preparing for a play-date with my niece and nephew, I pulled out my stick collection, several pieces of fabric, some fake flowers (left over from our spring wreath), tulle, and of course my hot glue gun.

The first thing I did was to arrange 3 sticks into a tent frame and hot glued the ever loving snot out of it. Next I took a strip of fabric and glued it to the frame- I glued it pretty heavily around the top and just picked a few spots around the bottom to tack it to the frame.


The last part got really fun. A tulle bow, fake flowers and butterflies all glued to the outside for fairy worthy embellishments.

We ended up with a couple tents and immediately set them up in the garden.


After a night of excited anticipation, a note (written in fairy language, obviously) and a sweet taffy treat were recovered from the fairy garden this morning.

I hear the fairy magic is spreading across our town too- my niece was also visited and now a couple of her friends are making fairy houses and eagerly awaiting proof of magic and a brush with the supernatural.

May the joy of wonderment find you this summer, and thanks for stopping in!





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