DIY Dress Up Rapunzel Hair Tutorial! 

My sweet curly haired little daughter has worn her hair in a bob for the better part of 2 years. It’s beautiful, adorable, easy to brush, and she’s totally over it. She wants long hair. She wants “flat” hair, meaning straight, like mine. She doesn’t understand the incredible gift of curly locks that she’s been given! I hope someday she will, but until then, it’s all about wanting long, flowing “princess” hair- pink if she can get it.

Well, I’m not ready to color her hair, and there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hawaii that I’ll straighten it. I will, however, fashion her some WILD dress up hair. This is another great idea passed along to me by my sister in law, Ashley- thanks, Ash. 

This tutorial has been on my mind for a while, so this morning while Daphne lamented over not having Rapunzel hair, I took out my yarn supply and let her pick 2- she went with pink and blue.

While Glo-baby napped, Daphne and I went to work. We measured how long she wanted her hair, then cut piece after piece to match. 

I was informed that the length needed to be “insane” so, our final bundle of yarn was about 13 feet long- yup.

After detangling the yard more than once, I divided it in half to center the head piece. 

I tied a knot on one side, braided the yarn for about 17 inches and secured the braid with another knot.

I connected the knotted ends with a needle and some pink thread. Then I made thinner braid to wrap around the knots!

We tried it on Daphne and boy, was it ever insane! So insane that it got stepped on, tangled, pulled off and fussed over. 

That’s when the big braid happened. It was secured with a hair tie and I cut off much of the straggling ends. 

Gorgeous. It’s “perfect” Rapunzel hair. Daphne is thrilled! She keeps singing about having long, beautiful hair and dancing around in her dress up tutu ensemble. 

This dress up hair is a must! fun- easy-awesome.

Do you have any dress up, must try DIYs? Share! Share! Please 🙂

Thanks for stopping in- Have a beautiful day!


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