DIY Mandarin Orange Candle!

I saw a picture of one of these,  mentally flipped out and went on a quest see for myself if it actually works- it does!

Get yourself some mandarin oranges. I got these “easy peelers” because they are,  as the label suggests, easy to peel.

Use a knife to cut around the orange’s middle, like a belt. No need to cut all the way through. See, the peel is loose enough to fit my finger in and separate it from the fruit!? 

Carefully separate the peel and pull the “stem” out of the center of the orange wedges. The stem will become the candle’s wick. Next pour some oil into your little candle “bowl” – I just used some canola oil.

Lastly, use a lighter to light the wick- I suggest using a lighter instead of a match because you may need to hold the flame on the wick for a little bit to get it to actually light.

This beautiful little candle will burn for a couple hours. Isn’t it cool? 

Apparently my husband’s family used to do this during the holidays. I had never heard of this or seen it anywhere- so my mind is totally blown by the awesomeness of this DIY!

** PLEASE REMEMBER- safety first- NEVER leave a candle burning unattended and keep these away from children! Also, keep your candle on a fireproof surface- a glass plate or something like that. **

Have you ever made one of these? Or something like it? Tell me about it! I always want to learn new cool ideas!

Thanks for stopping in! Have a beautiful day 🙂


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