DIY Sunflower Garland Tutorial!

Are you ready for a new door decoration? I am- I’ve been looking at my 4th of July doornament for, uh… a lot longer than intended.

The sunflowers have started blooming here! 

A drive through the valley got me thinking- I want something bright and happy and full if late summer beauty. 

While out getting inspiration photos I came across this stick. I can never leave a good stick behind- I think they are awesome!

Then I hit the dollar store and picked up $4 worth of silk sunflowers and $1 worth of blue silk ribbon.

I tied a piece of the ribbon to the ends of the stick so it could hang on the door while I decorated it. 

Then I cut 3 pieces of ribbon and tied them onto the stick. I made it so the middle ribbon was longer and each if the side ribbons were shorter, and slightly different lengths because I like the non-uniform look.

Then I removed all the silk flowers from their stems and used scissors to cut the back “connector” off so the flower could be flat against the ribbon.

Using my hot glue gun, I glued the flowers onto the ribbons. 

I had plenty of ribbon and flowers left so I added two more, shorter flower columns to the garland.

I really like how it came out! It’s bright, happy, and has a late summer vibe. The front door needed this!

What have you been inspired by lately? Thanks for stopping by The Fancy Elephant Life and have a beautiful day! 


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