Fairy and Hero Names! What’s yours?

My name us Hope, but I just learned that My Fairy name is Tansy Berry of Thorn- how do I know? Pinterest. Ha!

While pinning around I came across some really fun name generators- two “fairy” name generators and one “hero” name generator. Find them here and here and here, or check out the pics below! 

I had been looking for a fun project to do with my girls and my niece and nephews, so finding these inspired an aftetnoon of painting and door sign making. There may be more out there, I’m sure there are, but here are images of the three I pinned and used.

The girls all went with fairy names, even though they had hero name options, and the boys went with hero names, though they too were given fairy name options. We ended up laughing a lot and reading our names over and over.

Then we painted signs using watercolors and watercolor paper- I painted their names and a little decorations, then the kids colored in their signs.  

Gloria’s sign was all mine though- It was a blast… meditative to paint and fun, fun, fun to find our magical names! 

I had such a good time with this little art project! The kids played all afternoon and called eachother by their magical names! It was adorable. 

As a bonus they each have a fun new name sign to hang on their bedroom door and a sweet way to remember the fun of finding their very own fairy/hero name.

So what’s your magical name? And now that you know, what will you do with it?


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