Eclipsed Leaf Shadows

I had no idea that this could even happen… but looking up (with lots of protective eye gear) wasn’t the only amazing sight experienced during today’s eclipse.

I think we only experienced 87% eclipse here in southern Colorado-  but we stood out by the garage and observed.

While waiting my turn to use the goggles, I looked down at the shadow of the tree… it took a second to register what I was seeing, but it was an undeniable- I could see the eclipse in the “broken” shadow!

We didn’t know what we were looking at, but thanks to my quick Google search, I found this article, and now I know!

The leaves in the trees are acting as pinhole cameras!

Nature, you are just AWESOME!

I hope you had a chance to look up- with safety eye gear- today, or down as the case may be, to witness the eclipse! 

Thanks for stopping by The Fancy Elephant Life and have a beautiful day! 


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