Get Creative With Dried Rose Petal Art!

This past week was a big one in our house- I started working, more to come on that in a future post, and Daphne got a “helper award” at school! Yay Daphers! 

A helper award, if you don’t know, is given as recognition of being helpful without being asked to be helpful. I’m so proud of my girl! I let her pick out some flowers to celebrate, and she picked pink roses! They were so pretty!  And they wilted SO quickly- even though I’d put the cut flower food in… It was a bummer.

Instead of just tossing them, we pulled the petals off and let them dry for a couple days on a cookie sheet. 

This morning I decided to make some art with the rose petals. 

Project 1- The first thing I made is sort if a… “glass encased rose petal window decoration” I made with two pieces of glass pulled from dollar store 3×5 frames, some ribon and some hot glue.

I cleaned the glass and picked out a handful of rose petals. 

Placing the petals between the two pieces of glass I glued them together in the corners with hot glue, like so.

Then I glued pink ribbon around the whole thing, and tied a bow. 


*If I do this again I may add a hanging element. But it works to just let it sit in the windowsill too.

Project 2- After the the glass frame, I still had some creativity to get out, so… I got an old (clean) baby food jar, some instant decoupage, some purple natural raffia, some purple glitter (what the heck?), and some battery operated tea lights. 

Using the instant decoupage I pasted the petals on the inside of the jar (putting the decoupage on both sides of the petals) and sprinkled some glitter in for a little extra pop.

Next I fashioned a decorative raffia finish to cover the top part of the jar and put it up for a couple hours to dry.

The last touch- the flameless tea light. I would NEVER use a real flame candle (and you shouldn’t either!)  in a jar like this- the decoupage and rose petals aren’t fireproof!

I really like how both projects turned out, and Daphne loves that the pink roses have been preserved! 

I still have a ton of rose petals left- what other creative things can I do with them? If you have any ideas, please share 🙂

Thank you for stopping by The Fancy Elephant Life and I look forward to hearing your rose petal art suggestions! Have a beautiful day!


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