It’s Autumn Time Again- A Meditative Meander Through The Trees

The change of season always brings new adventures. There is something wonderful about watching the shift from summer to autumn. The leaves are completing their cycle- what started as fresh, new green is turning into brilliant yellows and oranges.


A drive through the colors with my older brother and our children allowed for some beautiful pictures.

Last autumn I documented our color drive too. This year had a different feel to it… I think it’s due to an early fall string of thunderstorms. Last year the aspens provided a shock of bright color in the evergreens. Check that journey out here.

This year’s colors are more muted, but the forest feels more peaceful. The walk through the wild feels more about quiet conversations and looking at the deep blue of the sky.


A wonderland always, the world of mother nature.

Thanks for joining me, and have a beautiful day!


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