Dollar Store Halloween Décor!

Confession- I’ve been feeling busy and distracted lately! My blog game has suffered and my craftiness has taken a back seat… la vie! But, I am still here(yay!) So, here we go!

I love Halloween, who doesn’t? I’m also wanting to get back to my blog/craftiness because it gives me joy!! So, I’m sharing with you our “Super Spooky” (and inexpensive) decorations, even though I didn’t craft any of them!

 The entry way. Spooky, right? Or… “Spoopy,” because that’s apparently a thing now? I read about it last night- it means Cute-Spooky. Anywho…

Our blustery leaf window stickers- $1.00 per pack (dollar store)- this makes the window interesting and putting them up became an activity for Daph and Glo- bonus.

As for THIS radical skeleton garland- it is my personal favorite… I saw them at a friend’s house and when she said “dollar store” I knew I HAD to go- it’s the trip that resulted in it all! Now, I had to combine the skeletons from two garlands to get the number I wanted on one twine, so this was a 2- Buck investment. Worth it.

This silly, purple, glittery, paranoid looking owl- $1.00 (dollar store as well). 

Speaking of silly, glittery owls… This guy is a favorite of both girls, in fact I should have gotten two!

Our kinda ridiculous lady and gent ghosts were picked up at a local second hand store along with some electric pumpkins and miniature hay bails- total cost $4.00. 

Second hand decorations CAN be a great option, especially when you know they’ll be outside. Why spend more than you need to when the whole point is to just get in the spirit of the season!?

In that spirit, I will be posting a graveyard addition to my meditative meanderings series in the next couple of days… So, check back soon!

Thanks for stopping in to the fancy elephant life and have a beautiful day!


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