Thankful Heart

This door decoration is about so much more to me than some entryway, seasonal flair. This particular decoration came about after a long conversation with Daphne, then a list, then some illustrations of all the things we are thankful for.

There is so much to be thankful for! This is something I need to keep in mind, especially on days that feel frustrating, or when I have been reading the news- something that has proven to be heartbreaking lately… so, I decided to make this and hung it up on our door- why not?

Using a piece of foam board I drew the shape of a heart and a rectangle and cut them out. Are they perfect and symmetrical? Nope.

I painted the rectangle brown, using acrylic paint, and let it dry.


Then I used a pen to write out “Thankful” and painted over it with white paint and little gold for highlighting.


I painted the heart with a wine red acrylic and let it dry.


lastly I poked some holes in the heart and in the thankful sign and attached them with some twine.


And there it is- kinda rustic-ish and a pretty bold reminder (to me and to all who see it) that it’s the time of giving thanks. And I do, give thanks. My heart is thankful.

what are you thankful for?

Thanks for stopping in! Have a beautiful day!



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