The Great Home Organization Quest- Today’s Project- The Girls’ Room

My house needs a minimum of 2 hours a day of cleaning, dish washing, vacuuming, and laundry folding/ putting away to keep it feeling like a nice space to be in. If I let it go for even a day, it shows. In an attempt to make the maintenance easier, I have set out on a room by room, drawer by drawer home organization. I want to live in organized, clean happiness, so this first shared project on my quest, is the girls’ room. Daphne (almost 5) and Gloria (almost 2) share a bedroom- it makes for tons of fun and a constant mess! Here is how we changed the space to make it better!


It all starts in the closet… Don’t ask me WHY I thought a bookshelf and clear plastic drawers would answer the call for much needed storage and separation of clothes (Gloria and Daphne need their own drawers)… But somehow I thought it would work. It didn’t.


So, we went to Walmart for a dresser and found these little brown drawer sets… They were in stock, and only about $23 each. Two fit side by side, and the bookshelf can be moved and used for… BOOKS!



I even got kid’s clothing sized hangers- worth it. Totally, worth it. I love how the closet works now- it’s so much better!


The bedroom before- yes it was mess, but beyond that, the flow was off and the little old bookshelf under the loft bed was breaking from all the books… and they were spilling off of it. Not useful for anyone. It felt like the room needed a re-imagining.

The bedroom after- everything has a place! The closet bookshelf allowed for the books to be properly stored (who would have thought?) and the little reading nook is such a cozy spot for the girls to enjoy!

All in all, this was a well worth it project. The girls and I worked on this for most of a day and the upkeep has been pretty simple. This room feels so much better!

What sorts of project do you want to tackle in your living space?


Thanks for stopping in and have a beautiful day~

6 thoughts on “The Great Home Organization Quest- Today’s Project- The Girls’ Room

  1. Ahhh I loved seeing this! Ally and I have been on the same organization craze in her room this week. I did not take nice before and after pics but she was ecstatic saying “this is a Christmas present I get today” she was so happy to have her space with a home for everything. My favorite part was using a tension rod between a book shelf and wall to hang all the dress up clothes which were previously in a bin and every time they used any of it everything came out and was a HUGE mess.


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