DIY Handkerchief Tutorial! These Things Are Great :)

Sniffles, snot and runny noses- they are all over the place right now! We have been going through boxes of fancy, lotion infused facial tissue and every laundry load has mucus covered sleeves. Disgusting, I know…

I have a pretty impressive collection of super soft flannel material (if I do say so myself) that I have used in lots of projects- blankets, scarves and pillows to name a few. So, the other day, while out at the park, after running out of clean tissues and moving on to coat sleeves, I got to thinking! What if I made some sweet little handkerchiefs using the flannel? So I got to it, and this is how they came out! *Spoiler- they are awesome and would make fantastic gifts.


I used an antique napkin I have, to give me a template (It measures 9.5 inches by 10.5 inches). It seemed like a good, manageable, handkerchief size, and it worked very well! So I cut out eight squares of the flannel in various patterns so I could make a set of four hankies.


Then I took two squares and sewed them, right sides together, leaving a small opening on one edge to turn the handkerchief right side out. After sewing, I trimmed the extra fabric and cut the corners so they wouldn’t be too bunched up.


After turning the square right side out, I used a knitting needle to work the corners out and a pin to secure the remaining  opening.


To finish the hankie, I sewed around the edge to close the open seam and finish the look of the whole piece.


And there they are- sweet, super soft, double thick handkerchiefs! I am so excited to use and wash these little hankies!

What handy little sewing projects have you been working on lately?


Thanks for stopping in and have a beautiful day!



4 thoughts on “DIY Handkerchief Tutorial! These Things Are Great :)

  1. Hi. I have been thinking of making something similar, but was planning to use just one layer of flannel and use them instead of tissues in my bathroom. Do you think one layer would be ok and more tissue-like?


    1. Hi! That’s a good question- I’m sure that yes, it would be more tissue like. I did two layers so both sides could be used and I thought they would last longer… The flannel I have is from JoAnn’s Fabrics’ nursery section (I love that store!!) And I have found that it frays pretty easily if there is a little rip or something, so I thought, the sturdier the better. I made 4 in just under an hour- including measuring, cutting and sewing, I don’t know that a single layer would take less time, but if its the weight your after, I say give it a shot and please let me know how it works!?
      I have been using these like crazy and plan to make more- I think they would make great paper towel replacements for my kitchen too.

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  2. Cool! Thanks for your feedback! I have been meaning to do this for a while, I just need to actually do it. haha.
    Just to let you know, I have pretty much stopped using paper towels. I either use dish rags or wash cloths to wipe the counter. Also, instead of paper towels/napkins, I made my own cloth napkins. Now that I think about it, they are very similar to your handkerchiefs! I have made some of my napkins with flannel on both sides, and some with flannel on one side and cotton on the other. Like you mentioned, two layers is much sturdier. I have been using these for over a year now, I think, and while they look a little worn, they have held up well.
    Now I just need to motivate myself to make some flannel tissues.
    Oh, one other thing you might like is homemade “cotton rounds”. They are pretty much identical to your handkerchiefs, but much smaller (maybe a 2.5 or 3 inch square or circle). I made little flannel squares and use them to remove makeup, apply toner, etc. I haven’t used a cotton ball or disposable cotton round in a while. And so they don’t get lost in the wash, I put them in a mesh bag. 🙂 Happy crafting!

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