Pinecone Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Ornaments!

The weather is cold- sunny, but cold… And both my girls are sick. Coughing, sneezing, snottily snoring through the nights… It’s awesome. We’re all about washing sheets in hot water, washing hands, nose drops, humidifiers and lots of fluids right now. There is some serious cabin fever happening because we’ve hardly even stepped outside for… Continue reading Pinecone Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Ornaments!

Dollar Store Halloween Décor!

Confession- I’ve been feeling busy and distracted lately! My blog game has suffered and my craftiness has taken a back seat… la vie! But, I am still here(yay!) So, here we go! I love Halloween, who doesn’t? I’m also wanting to get back to my blog/craftiness because it gives me joy!! So, I’m sharing with… Continue reading Dollar Store Halloween Décor!

DIY Magical Mermaid and Fairy Lantern Tutorial!

It is a joy to become a fairy. Recently we found a little poem with suggestions on how, exactly, to do just that- How To Be A Fairy! Thanks, pinterest and whomever wrote this sweet poem!! With this poem (writer unknown) in mind we set out to leave a little magic as a token of… Continue reading DIY Magical Mermaid and Fairy Lantern Tutorial!

Fairy and Hero Names! What’s yours?

My name us Hope, but I just learned that My Fairy name is Tansy Berry of Thorn- how do I know? Pinterest. Ha! While pinning around I came across some really fun name generators- two “fairy” name generators and one “hero” name generator. Find them here and here and here, or check out the pics below!  I had been looking for a… Continue reading Fairy and Hero Names! What’s yours?

DIY Fairies In Two Ways!

I was bopping around on pinterest during a middle of the night wide awake time (so frustrating!) the other day. If you’ve been reading my blog lately you know, there’s a lot of fairy play happening in our house, and yard, right now… summer of fairies parts 1 and 2 found here for your entertainment.… Continue reading DIY Fairies In Two Ways!

DIY Dress Up Rapunzel Hair Tutorial! 

My sweet curly haired little daughter has worn her hair in a bob for the better part of 2 years. It’s beautiful, adorable, easy to brush, and she’s totally over it. She wants long hair. She wants “flat” hair, meaning straight, like mine. She doesn’t understand the incredible gift of curly locks that she’s been… Continue reading DIY Dress Up Rapunzel Hair Tutorial! 

The Summer Of Fairies (Part Deux)

The summer has been warm, beautiful and full of magic- at least as far as our little yard is concerned. We’ve learned that sprinklers and thunderstorms destroy oatmeal box fairy houses (our project from The Summer of Fairies Part 1.) We also discovered that fairies adore notes from children- especially thank you notes when trinkets… Continue reading The Summer Of Fairies (Part Deux)