The Super Fancy Animal Cracker Parade- a fun snack treat!

Here’s a fun (and very delicious) little activity to do with animal crackers! We love taking our animal crackers on a parade around the table during snack time. The other day we started talking about all the different things our animal crackers could walk through, like melted chocolate and sprinkles (because these things can sometimes… Continue reading The Super Fancy Animal Cracker Parade- a fun snack treat!

Epic Rice Krispies Treats

You know how rice krispies treats are wonderfully gooey and delightfully crispy? I do too. A while back I found this version of the classic recipe, made them and they were awesome! The trick to her perfect treat is to mix in unmelted marshmallows at the end so there are concentrated pockets of goo… brilliant!  … Continue reading Epic Rice Krispies Treats

Beauty And The Beast Inspired Enchanted Play Shoes!

My sweet niece just had her 7th birthday, and her party was Beauty and the Beast themed. We’re talking strawberries cut into the shape of roses, “Chip” mug painting, little girls in princess dresses and a screening of the new live action Beauty and the Beast. Little girls and princesses- tale as old as time,… Continue reading Beauty And The Beast Inspired Enchanted Play Shoes!

Cookie Monster Cupcakes- Sigh… I Tried.

A few days ago my one and only celebrated his latest trip around the sun! What better way to honor a grown man’s birthday than with some cupcakes- Cookie Monster cupcakes. Here’s how it went down. I have been feeling like crapola (one of my late grandmother’s favorite words) all week- sinus pressure, coughing, sneezing,… Continue reading Cookie Monster Cupcakes- Sigh… I Tried.

Beautiful Blueberry Birthday Muffins

This past weekend brought a wave of gorgeous spring-like weather, Gloria’s first birthday and my mom’s birthday as well! It was a whirlwind weekend full of family, fun and an extra special visit from my mom and my lovely aunt, Meredith. I knew I wanted something light and delicious to eat in celebration of the… Continue reading Beautiful Blueberry Birthday Muffins