Happy Spring! Time for a DIY Wreath!

Happy Spring! Today is the Spring Equinox, and to me that means the joyous return of life in this great yearly cycle we all live through. Today I feel especially hopeful because it’s been a heck of a weekend- Daphne has been sick, like 104.7 fever and a trip to the ER sick- and all… Continue reading Happy Spring! Time for a DIY Wreath!

Knit Yarn Bunnies (DIY)

I originally found this idea on Pinterest, where I immediately pinned it to my craft board and proceeded to give it a shot. It’s easy and fun, plus you can make variations to give your little bunnies individual personalities! Here’s how you get this sweet little project together for Easter baskets or the bunny fanatics… Continue reading Knit Yarn Bunnies (DIY)