The Super Fancy Animal Cracker Parade- a fun snack treat!

Here’s a fun (and very delicious) little activity to do with animal crackers! We love taking our animal crackers on a parade around the table during snack time. The other day we started talking about all the different things our animal crackers could walk through, like melted chocolate and sprinkles (because these things can sometimes… Continue reading The Super Fancy Animal Cracker Parade- a fun snack treat!

Dollar Store Halloween Décor!

Confession- I’ve been feeling busy and distracted lately! My blog game has suffered and my craftiness has taken a back seat… la vie! But, I am still here(yay!) So, here we go! I love Halloween, who doesn’t? I’m also wanting to get back to my blog/craftiness because it gives me joy!! So, I’m sharing with… Continue reading Dollar Store Halloween Décor!

It’s Autumn Time Again- A Meditative Meander Through The Trees

The change of season always brings new adventures. There is something wonderful about watching the shift from summer to autumn. The leaves are completing their cycle- what started as fresh, new green is turning into brilliant yellows and oranges. A drive through the colors with my older brother and our children allowed for some beautiful… Continue reading It’s Autumn Time Again- A Meditative Meander Through The Trees

Pulling Thistle, A Life Lesson

Sometimes in the lush, late summer lawn of life, you find yourself with a huge swath of thistles. Maybe it’s because your neighbor has let his thistle plants go to seed and the wind carries the seeds right through the chain link and onto your lawn. Or maybe the thistle has been there all along,… Continue reading Pulling Thistle, A Life Lesson

Eclipsed Leaf Shadows

I had no idea that this could even happen… but looking up (with lots of protective eye gear) wasn’t the only amazing sight experienced during today’s eclipse. I think we only experienced 87% eclipse here in southern Colorado-  but we stood out by the garage and observed. While waiting my turn to use the goggles,… Continue reading Eclipsed Leaf Shadows

Fairy and Hero Names! What’s yours?

My name us Hope, but I just learned that My Fairy name is Tansy Berry of Thorn- how do I know? Pinterest. Ha! While pinning around I came across some really fun name generators- two “fairy” name generators and one “hero” name generator. Find them here and here and here, or check out the pics below!  I had been looking for a… Continue reading Fairy and Hero Names! What’s yours?