DIY Mandarin Orange Candle!

I saw a picture of one of these,  mentally flipped out and went on a quest see for myself if it actually works- it does! Get yourself some mandarin oranges. I got these “easy peelers” because they are,  as the label suggests, easy to peel. Use a knife to cut around the orange’s middle, like… Continue reading DIY Mandarin Orange Candle!

DIY Fairies In Two Ways!

I was bopping around on pinterest during a middle of the night wide awake time (so frustrating!) the other day. If you’ve been reading my blog lately you know, there’s a lot of fairy play happening in our house, and yard, right now… summer of fairies parts 1 and 2 found here for your entertainment.… Continue reading DIY Fairies In Two Ways!

DIY Dress Up Rapunzel Hair Tutorial! 

My sweet curly haired little daughter has worn her hair in a bob for the better part of 2 years. It’s beautiful, adorable, easy to brush, and she’s totally over it. She wants long hair. She wants “flat” hair, meaning straight, like mine. She doesn’t understand the incredible gift of curly locks that she’s been… Continue reading DIY Dress Up Rapunzel Hair Tutorial! 

Watching The Wind ~ A Meditative Meander Around A Lake

Come along with me on a meditative meander around a lake. A favorite spot of mine. A beautiful, leisurely walk. A beginning and an end. Lots to see. Fun for the girls. Lovely in all seasons. A practice in mindfulness. Today, I watched the wind- in the grasses, the trees, on the water and in… Continue reading Watching The Wind ~ A Meditative Meander Around A Lake

Apricot Craisin Mini Scones With Dreamy Lemon Icing

Sunday morning came early and bright today. While Gloria sat in her seat and ate cheerios, Daphne slept and the coffee dripped, I decided that it was a good day for scones. I was given a bowl of beautiful apricots by my mother in law (from her tree!) and had just about a cup of… Continue reading Apricot Craisin Mini Scones With Dreamy Lemon Icing

The Summer Of Fairies (Part 1)

This one is for all you pixie dust believers and magic dreamers… for this, my dears, is the summer of fairies! I am a starry-eyed gal, always existing in the mindset that there are, without question,  fairies, Bigfoot, mermaids, unicorns, ghosts, angels, you name it. It’s who I am and how I choose to see… Continue reading The Summer Of Fairies (Part 1)