Cookie Monster Cupcakes- Sigh… I Tried.

A few days ago my one and only celebrated his latest trip around the sun! What better way to honor a grown man’s birthday than with some cupcakes- Cookie Monster cupcakes. Here’s how it went down. I have been feeling like crapola (one of my late grandmother’s favorite words) all week- sinus pressure, coughing, sneezing,… Continue reading Cookie Monster Cupcakes- Sigh… I Tried.

Wax Paper Crayon “Stained Glass”

Have you ever ironed crayons between 2 pieces of wax paper to make a stained glass looking art project? I remember doing this with my mom when I was a kid and I absolutely loved it. I saw a box of crayons for $0.44 the other day and picked them up with the intention of… Continue reading Wax Paper Crayon “Stained Glass”

Shidoni – An Inspiring Experience!

Between my home in Colorado and my mom’s home in New Mexico there is roughly 5 hours of driving, eating, radio listening, audio book listening and sight seeing. I enjoy the drive, it’s pretty (like, mesmerizingly beautiful and full of history) and relatively easy! Traveling with two small children however, requires quite a bit of… Continue reading Shidoni – An Inspiring Experience!

An Evening Drive in Early Spring

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been inside the house for days on end caring for sick and/or injured people! My hand is up. It can get kinda…depressing. I needed desperately to get out and see what I could see, so evening before last Micah, the girls and I loaded up into the car and… Continue reading An Evening Drive in Early Spring

Treasure Hunting and Safeway’s Monopoly Game

Is anyone else out there playing the Safeway Monopoly game? Holy crap- I tell you what – it can feel a little overwhelming. I got all serious about it for a minute (see?) and now I can’t really stop… can I? I literally have the game board taped to the kitchen wall now, and I… Continue reading Treasure Hunting and Safeway’s Monopoly Game

Happy Spring! Time for a DIY Wreath!

Happy Spring! Today is the Spring Equinox, and to me that means the joyous return of life in this great yearly cycle we all live through. Today I feel especially hopeful because it’s been a heck of a weekend- Daphne has been sick, like 104.7 fever and a trip to the ER sick- and all… Continue reading Happy Spring! Time for a DIY Wreath!