Pinecone Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Ornaments!

The weather is cold- sunny, but cold… And both my girls are sick. Coughing, sneezing, snottily snoring through the nights… It’s awesome. We’re all about washing sheets in hot water, washing hands, nose drops, humidifiers and lots of fluids right now. There is some serious cabin fever happening because we’ve hardly even stepped outside for… Continue reading Pinecone Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Ornaments!

DIY Painted Canvas Sneakers

I picked up some little black canvas sneakers at Walmart last month. I can’t quite remember what I paid for them… but they were on sale and I want to say it was about $3.00. I thought they were super cute, and that Daphne would want to wear them ASAP, but I was wrong. Apparently, they… Continue reading DIY Painted Canvas Sneakers

DIY Fleece Rock Star Mittens (Fingerless Gloves)

There’s something about fingerless gloves (or in this case mittens) isn’t there? I just recently decided that I am going to start calling them rock star mittens (can I trademark that name?)- because I feel a little like a rock star while wearing them, and who doesn’t like to feel a little bad-ass every now… Continue reading DIY Fleece Rock Star Mittens (Fingerless Gloves)

Blankie Bliss (In an Hour or Less)

About a year ago, I decided that Daphne “needed” a big snuggly blanket, so I went to Joann’s and got some deliciously soft minky dot fabric and some pretty pineapple patterned fleece- after an hour or so, I had the two cozy fabrics sewn into one amazing, comfy, lovely blanket that has truly stood the… Continue reading Blankie Bliss (In an Hour or Less)

15 Minute Fleece Hat (Yes, Really)

I took the extra fleece from Gloria’s blanket (learn to make it in my post Blankie Bliss) and made an easy peasy pom pom hat for her, and then a matching one for Daphne- because, why not? Materials needed for this project: Fleece Scissors Sewing Machine (threaded) Soft measuring tape You can make this too,… Continue reading 15 Minute Fleece Hat (Yes, Really)