DIY 4th of July Fireworks Doornament “Wreath”

We’ve had a lot going on around here. Family visiting, day camps, play dates, community events etc. etc. etc. It’s all great! Truly, it’s a joyous time around here, but for my 4 year old, it can be a little overwhelming. Yesterday, in the midst of an overwhelmed display of 4 year-oldness, I pulled Daphne… Continue reading DIY 4th of July Fireworks Doornament “Wreath”

DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

Almost February and our front door has been without holiday decoration for a few weeks now. Time for a mama and Daphne art project that will breathe new life, and some bright colorful images of love into our home.Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so… we decided to make a bright, happy heart and… Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

The Bell Still Rings For Me (Our Time On Durango’s Polar Express)

The Christmas memories of my childhood include gingerbread boys (courtesy of my grandma,) luminarias (a new mexico tradition,) Christmas lights, lots of feelings of seasonal magic and The Polar Express (the book, not the movie.)   I have children of my own now, and I want then to have the same feelings of wonderment in… Continue reading The Bell Still Rings For Me (Our Time On Durango’s Polar Express)

Thoughts Of Gratitude

Afternoon coffee, after a lunch of thanksgiving leftovers. It is a good time to meditate on my blessings and reflect on gratitude. My Children – Daphne and Gloria and how they love one another and our family. Today Daphne held out her hand and told me she wanted to give me a piece of her… Continue reading Thoughts Of Gratitude