DIY Handkerchief Tutorial! These Things Are Great :)

Sniffles, snot and runny noses- they are all over the place right now! We have been going through boxes of fancy, lotion infused facial tissue and every laundry load has mucus covered sleeves. Disgusting, I know… I have a pretty impressive collection of super soft flannel material (if I do say so myself) that I… Continue reading DIY Handkerchief Tutorial! These Things Are Great 🙂

Get Creative With Dried Rose Petal Art!

This past week was a big one in our house- I started working, more to come on that in a future post, and Daphne got a “helper award” at school! Yay Daphers!  A helper award, if you don’t know, is given as recognition of being helpful without being asked to be helpful. I’m so proud… Continue reading Get Creative With Dried Rose Petal Art!

DIY Sunflower Garland Tutorial!

Are you ready for a new door decoration? I am- I’ve been looking at my 4th of July doornament for, uh… a lot longer than intended. The sunflowers have started blooming here!  A drive through the valley got me thinking- I want something bright and happy and full if late summer beauty.  While out getting… Continue reading DIY Sunflower Garland Tutorial!

DIY Mandarin Orange Candle!

I saw a picture of one of these,  mentally flipped out and went on a quest see for myself if it actually works- it does! Get yourself some mandarin oranges. I got these “easy peelers” because they are,  as the label suggests, easy to peel. Use a knife to cut around the orange’s middle, like… Continue reading DIY Mandarin Orange Candle!

Happy Spring! Time for a DIY Wreath!

Happy Spring! Today is the Spring Equinox, and to me that means the joyous return of life in this great yearly cycle we all live through. Today I feel especially hopeful because it’s been a heck of a weekend- Daphne has been sick, like 104.7 fever and a trip to the ER sick- and all… Continue reading Happy Spring! Time for a DIY Wreath!

Paper Plate Aquarium – Kid’s Art Project

Today I wish… oh how I wish, I were at the beach. Maybe it’s the new Honest mermaid diapers Gloria’s sporting (the new prints are adorable by the way, kudos Honest diaper designers), or the Jack Johnson Pandora station streaming, or the mid-February leafless world outside… or even Daphne’s obsession with Octonauts- maybe it’s all… Continue reading Paper Plate Aquarium – Kid’s Art Project

DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

Almost February and our front door has been without holiday decoration for a few weeks now. Time for a mama and Daphne art project that will breathe new life, and some bright colorful images of love into our home.Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so… we decided to make a bright, happy heart and… Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

DIY Eclectic Jewelry Organizer

I love the feel of eclectic artsy style- it’s in my bones. I am an earring wearer and I am especially into longer and bigger(ish) earrings. Several years back I made an earring display/organizer that I adore and still get use out of- so I decided to do a fresh, new, smaller version to keep… Continue reading DIY Eclectic Jewelry Organizer

DIY Fleece Rock Star Mittens (Fingerless Gloves)

There’s something about fingerless gloves (or in this case mittens) isn’t there? I just recently decided that I am going to start calling them rock star mittens (can I trademark that name?)- because I feel a little like a rock star while wearing them, and who doesn’t like to feel a little bad-ass every now… Continue reading DIY Fleece Rock Star Mittens (Fingerless Gloves)